Thursday, August 9, 2018

The Critique Cat - By Jack

Here in room 2, We've made these little avatars. This is the Critique Cat. They have been created with a website named Voki. On Voki you can create avatars, you have an expansive collection of pre-made avatars. You can change the colour and accessories of these avatars.
These avatars are able to say anything you wish.

Unfortunately, I have lost the link to the voice. So I am not able to show you what I made. I can tell you what we were learning about though. We were learning to critique properly, and these avatars where supposed to say what you had learned about critiquing. These avatars helped us express what we had learned. It was a very enjoyable experience, because I like creating character designs.

- Jack

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  1. I'm not very fond of this post. I feel the teacher pressured me into writing to much in the description, and leaving the post look messy. Personally, I would've liked to have less writing on this post, because I feel the writing will scare away viewers. If I saw that nearly half a page of writing all about one screenshot, I might lose interest in anything the post had to offer.



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